With nearly two decades of voice, speech and dialect coaching experience at The Juilliard
School,California Institute of the Arts and in the film industry, Denise Woods founded
The Denise Woods Studios; a state of the art voice, speech, dialect and

accent reduction studio located in the heart of West Hollywood.
The Denise Woods Studio offers clients conservatory style training in a one on

one intimate studio setting, the comfort of a corporate boardroom or in a larger
corporate seminar environment. This fast paced voice, speech and self presentation
technique is designed to teach clients (of any age) the verbal
and body language skills needed to compete in academic, business

and/or social settings. Through a myriad of creative exercises, clients learn to express
ideas, thoughts and feelings more eloquently and effectively to an audience
of two or two thousand. This proven technique increases breath capacity, enriches
vocal quality, strengthens articulation and produces clear, well organized
thoughts while communicating. The objective is to address the vocal and speech needs
of a vastly broad community without compromising the vocal integrity of the client.
Actors, athletes, broadcast journalists, politicians, inner-city high school students
and anyone who has the desire to improve their communication skills will benefit
from this critically acclaimed method. Featured in The New Yorker Magazine, the Chicago

Tribune and the Baltimore Sun, Woods has assembled a team of speech clinicians
trained in her successful method of voice and speech coaching with
the specific goal of enabling clients to “SPEAK IT CLEARLY”!